Founders Corner Update:

Today we are excited to announce the release of Local Branch Finder, the free and simple tool that allows anyone to instantly view all the bank and credit union branches in their area with their zip code. This is the first of a number of tools we have been working on to help consumers get the information they need. When we first thought about building tools we knew were going to have to do something different.

Local Branch Finder is all about ease and speed for your website visitors. With just a zip code users can see the closest banks and credit unions and then visit the branch page on to get branch directions, fees information (or request fees) and more. Want to give it a try? Simply enter your zip code to the right to see for yourself.

We also built in the ability to segment banks and credit unions when you search to get users the information that they want faster. Just check the types of institutions that you want to view and click search.

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