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Everbank Review: Yield Pledge Checking

A Bank That Stays Competitive On Rates For serious savers, EverBank has a very competitive offering with accounts that promise to provide yields in the top 5% nationwide (Bankrate Monitor's National Index is used to determine how to keep the rates in the top 5%). Everbank is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and has built a [...]

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Pros and Cons of Online Bank Accounts

Thanks to the rise of technology, and the ability to bank remotely, online bank accounts are becoming increasingly popular. You don’t need to limit your banking options based on geography anymore; you can use an online bank to take care of most of your needs. Before you decide to move all your money to an [...]

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Business Rainy Day Fund

By Karlene Sinclair-Robinson Many entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, were hit really hard during the last financial meltdown. Before that period, it was spend, spend, spend or in some cases, expand, expand, expand. In business, spending and expansion are good and necessary, and so is having a “rainy day fund”. Whenever I mention this type [...]

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Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Lender

Shopping for a home mortgage is one of the most complicated financial processes that many people ever go through. There are several ways to find a mortgage, but the most common methods are to look for a mortgage with several different mortgage lenders or mortgage brokers. Many people do not understand the difference between these [...]

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What are the Rules of Credit Union Membership?

In the last couple of years, there has been increased interest in credit union membership. Many consumers are moving their money from banks to credit unions, in the hopes of avoiding fees and getting better yields on deposits. However, not anyone can join a credit union. Credit unions have Field of Membership (FOM) requirements that [...]

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How to Open a Bank Account Online

Online banking is becoming more and more popular as consumers look for products that fit their needs. If you are looking for the right bank for you, start out by using the checking account comparison tool and then go from there. Here are some of the steps to follow as you prepare to open a [...]

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Student Loan Rehabilitation

Last week, the U.S. Department of education released the official three-year federal student loan default rates. This is the first time the department has ever published this figure. The official default rate across all education sectors is 13.8%. Here's the real kicker. For-Profit educational institutions had an average three year default rate of 22.7% and [...]

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Refinancing: How Much Can You Really Save?

Right now, we’re looking at record low interest rates. As a result, many people are thinking about refinancing their homes. Refinancing to a lower interest rate can save you in terms of monthly payment, as well as in terms of what you pay overall. Can you really save that much? And is it really worth [...]

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Peer to Peer Lending Basics

With traditional banks making it harder for people to get approved for loans, many are turning to peer to peer lending. Banks often have hoops for you to jump through, and may perform a hard inquiry on your credit before approving you. And if you want a substantial amount of money for an unsecured loan, [...]

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SBA Loans for Small Businesses

Starting a small business isn’t easy. Obtaining the financing can be difficult, especially since you might have trouble finding a bank that is willing to take a chance on you. One of the ways that the government encourages banks and credit unions to help small businesses thrive is by guaranteeing a part of the loan [...]

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