is the leader in free personal financial management software and even more importantly a great budgeting tool. Mint gives you the ability to import all of your spending activity from your bank and credit card accounts and allows you to visualize it. On top of this feature Mint has created a budgeting element that sits on top of your current spending data and lets you set goals for yourself into the future. The reason why the budgeting tools at Mint are so powerful is that they allow the consumer to have a benchmark to measure themselves against. The ability for one to measure oneself against the goals they set is key to acheiving said goals, makes this easy. Learning how to budget with Mint will take you less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee but will give you a life structure for financial goal setting.

To sign up for mint all you have to do is go to, give them your email and set a password and then add your bank or credit card accounts. Mint does all the hard work for you. It is so simple to set up your Mint account and see your spending habits that it will take you less than two minutes. And even better you can start getting insights on your spending habits immediately. Most people go through their everyday life without ever thinking about what they are spending their hard earned money on, Mint helps change this.

Mint empowers you as a consumer because once you know what you’re speding on you have the choice to change or keep things the same, either way you’re more knowledgeable about your allocation of purchases. Very simply knowledge is power, so go to Mint and follow your consumption habits and make a budget for yourself.

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