A lot of people want to know what is the “Best Bank” for them to open an account with. The truth is that there are many excellent banks out there doing a great job. What it comes down to are your personal preferences as a customer and which specific features are important to you. Below are some different customer types we’ve come up with to help you know which type of banks you should be looking for.

“I want a relationship with a banker”

If you’re looking for a banking relationship that’s more personalized then consider a community bank or credit union. Community banks are known for their client service. Don’t be surprised if they know you by name after a few visits. For what they provide in service they might lack in online and mobile tools, so don’t expect all of the bells and whistles that come standard with bigger banks like Chase and Bank of America.

“I want great mobile banking tools”

More and more banks are adding mobile applications and great online banking features for customers. However, if technology is important for your banking decision, then consider working with the banks that are working to stand out by offering the best mobile tools available today.

Bank of America
ING Direct
Ally Bank

“I want convenient branch locations”

If branch convenience is a key factor for choosing your bank you’ll need to do some research to see which banks have the most locations in your town or city. If you live in a larger city you may be better off working with a big bank. In New York, for example, you might consider Chase. In San Francisco, Wells Fargo. Every bank has a presence in different areas so do some research to find which banks have the largest presence in your area.

“I want a bank that’s financially safe”

There are many safe banks to choose from. One way to determine if a bank is safe is to look at their Texas Ratio. You can do this on Knowyourbank by looking at a bank’s financials page. The Texas Ratio is used to measure the credit standing of banks or credit unions. If an institutions Texas Ratio is over a 100% you should investigate its health further.

In the end, choosing the best bank comes down to what your individual needs are. Whether you want a personal touch or like to do your business in the branch, there’s a bank for everyone. Still not sure? Use our social recommendations feature to see which checking accounts your friends recommend. Once you make a decision, let the community know how you like it by leaving a bank review!