It’s important for prospective, graduated, and current college students to know where to find finance resources. This list provides a number of important educational and financial sites for college students and gives details about their services.

1. National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)

The NASFAA provides information for parents, students and financial aid administrators. The site provides an assortment of information on the financial aid process, explains the distribution of financial aid at a Federal and State level and provides information on tax breaks that can benefit those looking for ways to pay for college.

2. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This is the official website where students can review, complete and submit the information for the application that is needed to determine financial aid. Individuals can start, complete, update or correct a new FAFSA. Students can also use this site to confirm their school codes when completing the FAFSA.

3. National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

This website is the central database which tracks and records all financial aid that a student receives in their lifetime. Students can use this website to determine how much they have borrowed in both subsidized and unsubsidized student loans and grants and scholarships from the Federal government.

4. Federal Direct Consolidation Loans

This site assists student loan borrowers with understanding debt consolidation for student loans. This website offers information on how students and student loan borrowers can manage their loan payments by making one payment that encompasses all of the existing loans.

5. Federal Student Aid

This is a comprehensive website that provides a host of information on paying for college. This site assists student with applying for financial aid with a FAFSA, understanding the types of financial aid that is available, understanding the financial aid qualification process, managing student loans and preparing for college.

6. Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is a resource that assists individuals with obtaining private student loans for undergraduate and graduate study. Individuals can manage their entire loan application process from applying for the loan to singing promissory notes via the website.

7. FinAid

FinAid offers students information on better understanding the private student loan process. Here students can find information about applying for student loans, student loan consolidations, information on finding the best student loans, student loan comparison charts and understanding interest rates and the costs associated with obtaining a private student loan.

8. Private Student Loans

This is a comprehensive website on private student loans. Individuals can find out more information about what a private student loan is in comparison to a Federal loan, the benefits and eligibility requirements for a private student loan, private student loan interest rates, a student loan repayment calculator and the private student loan process.

9. FastWeb

FastWeb is a comprehensive college website that offers a host of information about financing a college education. Students can search for scholarships; learn more about various colleges, begin the career planning process and find out more information about the financial aid process.

10. Student Choice

Student Choice offers private student loan options for those that are interested in using a credit union as the lender.

11. CU Student Loans

CU Student Loans helps students locate affordable private student loans through credit unions. This site allows individuals to find a credit union, apply for a loan and learn more about lowing interest rates on student loans with good grades.

12. College Confidential

College Confidential provides an assortment of information on college life. Students can search for colleges and learn more about the college admissions process and paying for college at College Confidential. There is also the Ask the Dean and College Discussion sections where individuals can receive answers to various collegiate related questions.

13. Go Financial Aid

Go Financial Aid helps individuals to manage the financial aid process through applications. This website aims to help individuals streamline the financial aid process by ensuring that the FAFSA is submitted correctly to maximize potential financial aid rewards.

14. The Money Builder Guide to College Finances

This is a guide which offers college students a variety of information on managing finances. This guide covers everything from financing private student loans to support oneself financially through college. The advice offered via this guide is practical and can assist individuals in better understanding how to manage money in college and thereafter.

15. Finances for College Students

Balance Track offers a guide to finances for college students. This is a five chapter guide that covers such topics as money management, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, household bills and student loans. There is a quiz that can test for comprehension of the material.

16. National College Finance Center

The National College Finance Center assists individuals with college financing. This website assists with paying for college by understanding how to apply for financial aid and understanding the types of loans that are available. Individuals can also obtain assistance with repaying student loans.

17. Edu Launch Pad

Edu Launch Pad is considered the Next Generation College Search Engine. This website offers a college affordability calculator which assists individuals with financing their college education. The whole focus of this college search engine is to focus on finding colleges that are affordable and using affordability as a base when applying for college.

18. Five College Financial Pitfalls

This is a description of the five college financial pitfalls that both students and their parents should be aware of when funding college. It covers such topics as understanding the financial aid award letter, using retirement funds to pay for college and submitting financial applications in a timely manner.

19. The New Freshman 15: Financial Tips for College Students

The freshman 15 receives a financial twist with 15 financial tips for college students. These tips feature information that can help individuals make the most of their finances while in college. Such topics include avoiding unnecessary ATM fees, paying less for textbooks and sticking to a budget.

20. All Tuition

All Tuition provides online tools that help individuals and their families apply for and manage student loans. This company helps students complete the financial aid process by assisting with the FAFSA and applying for grants and scholarships. Their goal is to “make financial aid an understandable process for everyone.”

21. SmarterBank

The SmarterBank checking account allows students to earn SmarterBucks® rewards each time they make a purchase with their SmarterBank Visa® Debit Card. These rewards go towards paying down their student loans faster. That means paying for gas, groceries, coffee, restaurants, and more earns you rewards that help pay down your student loans.

22. Student Loan Borrower Assistance

This website assists individuals that currently have student loans with understanding their rights and obligations as student loan holders. Individuals can keep up to date on the latest student loan information as well as ask questions and find answers to an assortment of student loan questions.

23. Private Student Loan

Private Student Loan is a website that assists individuals with understanding the student loan process. It has a student loan borrower calculator, information on applying for a private student loan and college money saving secrets.

24. American Education Services

American Education Services offers student loan services to borrowers. They manage student loans for various lenders and offer borrowers information on how to manage their loans. Through the website individuals can apply for and renew a student loan, learn more about repayment options and find information on loan discharge and forgiveness.

25. Student Loan Consolidation Path

Student Loan Consolidation Path assists individuals with understanding the student loan consolidation process. This website explains what student loan consolidation is, its benefits, the costs associated with a student loan consolidation and the types of student loan consolidations that are available.

26. Income Based Repayment Plans (IBR)

The income-based repayment service allows borrowers with financial hardship to reduce their monthly student loan payments to make their educational debt more manageable.

27. Simple Tuition

Simple Tuition is a comprehensive financial aid website that is dedicated to helping students find, apply for and manage student loans. This site features a student loan guide, a lender locater and a student loan comparison feature.