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What The “Fiscal Cliff” Means To Your Taxes

Big changes are coming to your taxes if the government doesn’t come to an agreement on the fiscal cliff, and those changes will make your pockets lighter in 2013. The "fiscal cliff" is a term that is used for changes that will occur in the tax code based on previous tax legislation expiring at the [...]

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Business Rainy Day Fund

By Karlene Sinclair-Robinson Many entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, were hit really hard during the last financial meltdown. Before that period, it was spend, spend, spend or in some cases, expand, expand, expand. In business, spending and expansion are good and necessary, and so is having a “rainy day fund”. Whenever I mention this type [...]

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Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Lender

Shopping for a home mortgage is one of the most complicated financial processes that many people ever go through. There are several ways to find a mortgage, but the most common methods are to look for a mortgage with several different mortgage lenders or mortgage brokers. Many people do not understand the difference between these [...]

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Renting vs. Buying

One of the choices that many of us make about our housing arrangements has to do with whether we rent or whether we buy. Your decision should be based on your specific situation, and what you think will work best for your own finances. Renting: Not All Bad In our society, we have long been [...]

  • check cashing sign on building

Check Cashing

 In the past, whenever check cashing services were needed, most people would use traditional banking services. Nowadays, technology advances have opened up a range of new banking options; particularly for people who can't or don't use traditional banking services. One thing that hasn't changed with technology advances and alternative banking options are the fees associated with [...]

  • foreclosure notice

Foreclosure Process

Going through a home foreclosure can be a heart-breaking experience that leaves individuals and families feeling helpless. The foreclosure process can stretch out over long periods of time as lenders move through the proper legal channels. Fortunately, homeowners do have certain rights throughout this process. Homeowners should consider their different foreclosure options depending on their [...]

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Personal Bankruptcy

When interest payments on debt reaches the point where there's no way to keep up with daily living expenses, let alone pay off existing debt, filing for personal bankruptcy provides a way to get a fresh start. This fresh start is not without its challenges, especially in terms of needing to repair your credit status [...]

  • house

What is a Home Equity Loan?

When you buy a home, you normally have to borrow in order to pay the large purchase price. While technically you own the home, the argument can be made that you don’t have a lot of value built up in it. If you were to turn around and sell the home, you would have to [...]

  • The word TRUST carved into a stone wall.

What is a Trust Account?

A trust bank account can be opened at almost any bank. The point of a trust bank account is that it allows an individual to give assets to another individual (child, grandchild, sibling) or organization (non-profit) while also allowing the individual giving the assets to retain some control of how the assets in the trust [...]

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Donate to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Founder’s Corner: Donate to Hurricane Sandy Victims To all of the Knowyourbank.com blog readers out there, I want to bring to your attention an easy way to donate to organizations that are helping people who have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Go to this page - https://www.paypal-donations.com/campaign_20.html - and donate to one of the [...]

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