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Knowyourbank $600 Holiday Giveaway

And we're off...The Knowyourbank Holiday Giveaway has officially started. Have you entered yet? Now that the holidays are fast approaching, we wanted to give a couple gifts to you, our loyal readers. We've teamed up with several other Personal Finance bloggers to give away $600 in prizes! >> Click Here to Enter Knowyourbank and our [...]

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What The “Fiscal Cliff” Means To Your Taxes

Big changes are coming to your taxes if the government doesn’t come to an agreement on the fiscal cliff, and those changes will make your pockets lighter in 2013. The "fiscal cliff" is a term that is used for changes that will occur in the tax code based on previous tax legislation expiring at the [...]

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Business Rainy Day Fund

By Karlene Sinclair-Robinson Many entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, were hit really hard during the last financial meltdown. Before that period, it was spend, spend, spend or in some cases, expand, expand, expand. In business, spending and expansion are good and necessary, and so is having a “rainy day fund”. Whenever I mention this type [...]

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Renting vs. Buying

One of the choices that many of us make about our housing arrangements has to do with whether we rent or whether we buy. Your decision should be based on your specific situation, and what you think will work best for your own finances. Renting: Not All Bad In our society, we have long been [...]

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Check Cashing

 In the past, whenever check cashing services were needed, most people would use traditional banking services. Nowadays, technology advances have opened up a range of new banking options; particularly for people who can't or don't use traditional banking services. One thing that hasn't changed with technology advances and alternative banking options are the fees associated with [...]

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Foreclosure Process

Going through a home foreclosure can be a heart-breaking experience that leaves individuals and families feeling helpless. The foreclosure process can stretch out over long periods of time as lenders move through the proper legal channels. Fortunately, homeowners do have certain rights throughout this process. Homeowners should consider their different foreclosure options depending on their [...]

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Avoid Checking Account Fees

Checking account fees are becoming more and more common after many banks advertised totally free checking for years. One man even won a lawsuit against a major bank that attempted to charge fees on his account that was supposed to be fee-free for life. Suing to recover fees is probably not economically feasible for most [...]

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How to Make a Budget

Managing finances is something that many of us struggle with. It is especially difficult today when our economy is unstable and unpredictable and the cost of everything is on the rise. Many people live on a very limited budget and are struggling to make ends meet every month. Others still are saddled down with large [...]

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Best Bank? It Depends on Needs.

A lot of people want to know what is the "Best Bank" for them to open an account with. The truth is that there are many excellent banks out there doing a great job. What it comes down to are your personal preferences as a customer and which specific features are important to you. Below [...]

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Create Your Own Emergency Fund

Large enough to handle most issues: Your emergency fund should be large enough to handle most issues, including car repairs, new appliances, and other similar costs. Your goal in building an emergency fund should also be to create enough capital that, if you needed it, you could cover your living expenses in the event that [...]

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