By Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

When you think of a relationship, it is on a personal level. Thinking about having a relationship with a bank can seem daunting. This is due, in part, to how large a bank is. If your bank is as large as Bank of America or Capital One, you might not think to develop such a personal relationship. The customer may find that local or regional banks offer a more personalized approach to banking.

No matter the size of your bank, it is important to reach out and make that personal connection. It will be helpful in the future. Relationships, whether personal or professional, requires effort from all parties involved. Banks have local customer area representatives, small business banking representatives and other such titled individuals there to guide you through whatever support or services you require.

Being afraid to build that relationship due to the amount of funds in your account should not stop you from doing this. If your bank is local, you might be able to do much more with them than a larger one. You might be able to get faster answers from your local branch than those of a larger bank. Though many of these financing institutions are turning more and more to technology, there still has to be some personal touch or there would no longer be branches for you to use. When you build that banking relationship, you or your business will benefit at some point in time. These relationships do not happen overnight; and sometimes there can be staff turnover that could impact that relationship. Therefore, it is imperative that you make yourself known to any new banking personnel who you might have to work with in the future. You want them to know who you are. Just a few days ago, I was having lunch with a business associate and my cell phone rang. Would you believe me when I say that it was the new representative at my local branch calling to introduce himself to me? We will be meeting in the coming weeks to connect and for me to get his business card, just in case I need him in the future.

Folks, as my mother used to say, if you do not have a relationship with your doctor, banker and hairstylist, you have a problem. Do not let this be a problem. You will need to connect with your banker at some point in the future, why wait until you need them? This is the mistake many individuals and entrepreneurs make; then expect these sources to jump through hoops to help you. Do not wait, start building that relationship today.

About the Author

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson, dubbed “The Queen of Business Financing” is considered a foremost expert on Alternative Business Financing. She is also the Bestselling Author of ‘The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Alternative Funding”. Her new entrepreneurial book, Spank The Bank: THE Guide to Alternative Business Financing is in stores now. Visit her at You can also find her on Twitter via @KarleneSinRob.