Know Your Banking

Our banking page covers aspects of your everyday deposit banking needs. This includes information and options on checking accounts, savings accounts, cd’s, and money market accounts. It is important to understand that every time you deal with a bank you should understand the fine print of your relationship. This includes fees associated with your depository accounts and the amount of interest that may be earned by the money you have deposited with your financial institution. There are three different account features that we like to be on the lookout for – 1) Can the account be opened online 2) How much interest does an account pay 3) Are there any promotions offered for opening the account.

Online Accounts

Opening a bank account online can be a simple process if you have all of the information you need. To open an online account you’ll need to provide all of your contact information plus your driver’s license, social security number, and bank account information to add funds.

High Interest Accounts

Opening a bank account that yields interest is a great account feature. When looking for an interest-bearing account be sure that you understand the fees on the account so as to avoid losing the money you earn from interest to fees.

Bank Account Promotions

Many banks have special offers to promote new accounts and attract customers. Most deals offer signup bonuses, like extra cash. In other cases you may receive increased interest on the account for an introductory period. Finding the best deal depends on what you’re looking for and the small print that