KYB Search 2.1

We have made some major changes to the site in the last couple of days that we are excited to share with you.

New Search Updates:

We have released new updates to Knowyourbank search. Prior to our this release you could only find banks or credit unions by their names or you could search for location but not both. This was fine except for when you wanted to search for banks or credit unions in specific locations. Now you can isolate not only a bank but specific locations as well. search

Search by Just Bank Name

You can still search just by bank name by only inputting a bank name and the same goes for locations. If you enter just a state you will get an error so its best at this point to add a state when you think you have a generic city name otherwise its not needed.

Search is very complicated to get right and we will continue to work to improve our search so that it will make your visits to the site more efficient and enjoyable.

We continue to work on making the place you go when you need better banking information.